Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Harvey Weinstein & The End of Queer Theory

Though we have no reason to believe Harvey Weinstein ever directed his lust toward other males, he was the epitome of queerness. In all his luxurious depravity, Harvey Weinstein did exactly what queer theory expected queerness to do.

When the idea of queer theory emerged in the early 1990s, articulated by luminaries like Michael Warner, Judith Butler, and Lisa Duggan, it was a pagan uprising that crowned RuPaul and Madonna as its festival king and queen. Both were seen as transgressors in the best possible ways. On the one hand we had RuPaul’s “appropriation” (back then, a good word) of white supermodel culture in the spirit of black “contestation” of the white male patriarchy. On the other hand we had Madonna’s “deconstruction” of gender hierarchies, a thrilling new defiance of sexual limits that combined the profits to be earned by prurient boys and the plaudits of feminist, proto-feminist, and post-feminist writers ranging from Camille Paglia to the emerging women in the hot new field of the post-Frankfurt Birmingham School’s Cultural Studies.

I was there. I was completely part of queer theory, drifting from the Ivy League into the catacombs of New York City with my flimsy BA in Political Science. Nursed on Foucault but taught to apply his culturally archaeological approaches with ironic detachment, we were primed to view anything naughty as inherently revolutionary. In an increasingly dumbed-down translation of high French theory to American pop culture, we emerged from the 1990s assuming that the more behavior scandalized or disconcerted people, the better it was. Our a priori was an encrusted and sterile world stuck in a rut, needing to be jolted into a more dynamic set of possibilities by a brave erotic Kulturkampf.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Open Letter on Our Important Mission: TELL TEENS THE TRUTH!

October 1, 2017

Dear Concerned Texans & Americans,

Robert Oscar Lopez
I am writing to tell you about a conference on November 18, 2017, in Fort Worth, that you shouldn’t miss, if you care about the future of Texan youth. Our mission is simple yet requires such bravery these days: Let’s tell teenagers the truth about sex and gender.

Not silence, where we pretend that the harmful trends are not swirling all around us (or them). Not the state-approved propaganda about tolerance and equality for all kinds of sex, families, relationships, love or [fill in the blank]. Not a “conversation” where we talk around difficult issues and scramble to avoid being called “bigots.”

Just the truth.

On November 18 in Fort Worth, on the campus of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, we will be gathering for Teens for Truth, a conference devoted to telling the truth to teens!

For this Friday night and all-day Saturday conference, we will have workshops outlining how teenagers can receive true, sound information about gender and sexuality at three levels: schools, civics, and churches. We will have special breakout groups for teens and parents. Experts on all the flashpoints in school controversy, from “born this way” to “children’s sexual rights” to “sex reassignment” and bathrooms and more, will be available to share information and materials.

As we finalize the speakers and workshop leaders, more details will be available. For now, however, please save the date. We will be arranging for special rates for youth and for group tickets. The venue is conveniently located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. More details can be accessed at https://www.teens4truth.net/. You can follow Mass Resistance Texas at http://www.massresistancetx.com/ or at https://www.facebook.com/MassResistanceTEXAS/.

As the leader of Mass Resistance Texas, allow me to add a personal note to this announcement. As someone who spent decades in the gay and lesbian community, I know that there is a breadth of human experience there, ranging from moments of brave survival to shame and tragedy. Whether as a child with a gay parent, as a teenager drawn into homosexual activity, or as an adult making a transition out of homosexuality into a Biblical life, I never saw simplicity. It was always a complex patchwork of human needs, sorrows, and triumphs. It is good to tell young people about that world and what happens there-in other words, the truth in all its beauty and hardship. It is wrong to paint a false picture where gay people are always blameless victims, people who advise against homosexuality or transgenderism are always bigots, and the answer to everything is the Sexual Revolution.

I have worked to co-organize this event with David Pickup because he and I know that truth and only the truth can set people free, as Jesus Christ said. Please join us in furthering this mission.


Robert O. Lopez
Professor of Humanities

Director, MassResistance Texas